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About Us

Here in Central Oregon we get down to basics.

We’re straight forward and we make sure you get what you’re looking for.

Instead of flowery prose about how wonderful we are, we’ve posted our mission, vision, values and beliefs so you can see what guides us.

When you stop by the office, you’ll see it posted on our wall.

If we miss the mark, we expect you to hold us accountable. If we meet or exceed your expectations, we hope you’ll tell someone about us or post a review so others can hear your perspective.

But mostly we treat you like family because that’s the way we want to be treated. 

Why do we do what we do?

Because we’re excited about wealth, healthy relationships, well-being and financial security are all ways of being wealthy.

Real property and the opportunity it affords to everyone as a means to build financial wealth is where we focus our attention.  Many folks will own a number of homes and properties in their life and use them as a tool to grow their financial wealth, shelter important relationships and enhance well-being.  If that’s you, we can’t wait to meet you, get acquainted and help you change your life while changing homes!

Mission:  Changing Lives While Changing Homes

Vision: Enriching the future of every customer and the team of professionals who serve them through the purchase and sale of real estate.


    • Building successful relationships with our customers and one another is at the core of our success and the foundation of our team approach.
    • Each person’s experiences, uniqueness, perspectives, desires and needs are integral to the relationship we build with every person we serve
    • By fully listening to and serving our customers, we seek to uncover and achieve what is in their highest interest
    • We earn our fees through hard work, skill, knowledge, ingenuity, creativity, integrity and transparency
  • A Real Estate Business Model that allows Agents to become owners


    • The building of wealth is an honorable endeavor when built upon the core values of honesty and wisdom, when gained through a win-win proposition and when used not only for self-interests, but to enhance the opportunities of others so they too may build wealth.
    • We, our customers and our real estate team, are a family and family rules apply:  Always tell the truth, laugh, dream big, keep promises, apologize, forgive, try new things and love God, others and self…always.
  • We define success as the journey we take together that involves the useful exchange of ideas, the foundational use of creativity and problem solving, capture of innovation that improves, maximization of individual ability applied to the best interest of “the family.”


    • We see everyone as a person of value and worth.
    • Every person we meet is our customer.
    • Discovery is at the core of our service.
    • Obstacles, failures and mistakes can be turned into opportunities.
    • Real Estate is the vehicle of a shared journey with every customer and team member.
    • Learning, growth, and skill building are essential to our ongoing success.
    • We are nice people helping nice people.
    • We are ordinary people making extraordinary things happen.
  • Be yourself-only you can do that best.