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What is My Home Worth?

If you are thinking about relocating, you are probably wondering what your home is worth.

You have probably tried the home value calculators and estimators around the web, and you’re ready for something a little more substantive. Your instincts are correct; the value of your home is in the details, and calculators and estimators just don’t have the field to put in your inputs.

We are here to help, and we’ll do it for FREE.

Get your free comparative market analysis filling out the fields below. Be sure to include all renovations in the “Additional Comments” below.

What the heck is a “comparative market analysis,” anyway? 

A comparative market analysis is an in-depth estimation of the value of a home with the details in mind, unlike the calculators and estimators all over the web.  These include damages, renovations, and other details (e.g. views, accessibility, and landscaping).

Here are some tips to ensure accuracy.

  • Dedicate a single paragraph to each renovation.
  • Be concise. Make each paragraph is no larger than 3 sentences. 3 is max.
  • Summarize the renovation in a phrase, then add context after a dash, e.g. “Added new bay windows in 2016 — The materials include….”
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