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7 Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Before I move on one iota, I want to explain why I have chosen 7 tips – not 8, not 9, not 24. 7 is the amount of days of the week, and 4 is the amount of weeks per month, usually.

So, although I am giving you only 7 tips, they are meant to be broad ideas in which you can work in your own specific information.

Also, real estate agents are busy people. They should largely automate their social media so that they can focus on more worthwhile things, like perhaps focusing on other types of outreach, like story blogging via social media channels, email, or some plain old mailing outreach.

Another thing to add is that any social media post can be written out and prefabricated before the actual posting, but you can also use your phone and get some face-time with your audience.

use hootsuite to automate your social media post ideas
We recommend Hootsuite. You can automate 3 social profiles for free up to 10 for $20/month.

So, without further ado, here are the 7 social media post ideas for real estate agents:

#1: The market analysis post

Take a screenshot market trends. Yes, a lot of people have access to the same information, but the real question is whether they understand that information and what it means.

In effect, what you’re doing when you post about the market is positing an interpretation of the data, and you’re simply educating people about that interpretation.

Social media is riddled with know-it-alls and hotshots, but don’t assume your audience is one or both of these things. They might need the courtesy of your thought, and – you never know – they might seriously pay more attention to you.

#2: The featured property post

Ok, there are boring ways to do this, and there are not-so-boring ways to do this. Here’s a question to ask yourself to prevent being boring:

Why am I listing this post and not another?

If you do not have an answer to this question, you might want to rethink posting it at all. Don’t put out fluff. Choose a property because it’s luxurious, homey, or a plain old steal – something that is noteworty. Don’t choose one because that’s the one you chose.

Step up your game by using your phone’s camera to create a walking tour of the property you’re featuring. 

#3: Local news and events social media post

If you’re strict about scheduling your social media posts, the local news/events topic shows up on Wednesday, hump day.

It is the time of the week when workers long for the weekend, and they want to make plans.

Be there for them.

#4: The statistic

Real estate agents and brokers are uniquely positioned to see many, many statistics – almost daily.

Why not compile them and show each off as a social media post?

Here’s a couple things to keep in mind when you make these posts:

  • Choose quotes/statistics that are relevant to your audience, or segment thereof.
  • Choose quotes/statistics whose meaning is self-evident.
  • Make sure the quote is easily seen.
social media post example for real estate agents

As you can see, this post is easily read and understood, and it is totally relevant to at least a segment of the poster’s audience. This is a great example of this post-type.

#5: The shout-out (/hightlight)

This idea does double the work. You’re posting a social media post to: (1) keep your audience’s attention, (2) check off your posting responsibility for the day, and (3) build up your relationships in and out of social media.

In one social media post, you’re doing these 3 things, and you’re showing your audience that you others’ well being is something you think about. And because your topic is real estate, most topics will be relevant somehow.

So, say you have a lot of listings in a particular area. Why not feature the cute, little coffee shop within walking distance of most of the listed homes you have up?

Another scenario: you are working with a contractor that has consistently shown great work. Why not reward their efforts with a shout-out?

My broader point is that, although this can totally just be a way to check off your posting responsibility for the day, it can also deepen and, even, create connections – both in person and online – with other businesses and people.

#6: Screen Capture Tutorial Post

This post idea is the most hands-on of all the 7 I am suggesting. And it involves using a screen capture software, i.e. Snagit or Jing.

With these softwares, you can showcase cool things about your website or anything you happen to have on your screen.

Here’s an example of what we did with this idea:

There’s not much more to add to this topic, except that with Instagram, because it does not render URLs, you will have to use a screen capture software that creates mp4s, like Snagit.

#7: Interiors and Exterior Posts

You know it and love it. It’s what captures a lot of attention, the #realtyporn.


Again, the emphasis on 7 is because there are seven days of the week. Here, at Sun Real Estate, we often plan out our posts on Mondays, so we are free for the rest of the week.

Automation allows us to have a bass line with our social media outreach. We can turn our attention toward other endeavors. But, this doesn’t have to be so for you or your agency. You could, for example, invest the off-time on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. I mean, you’re going to be getting more followers with more consistency, so keep them engaged.