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4 Tips for Staging a Home by Gail Day




Hi, this is Gail Day and I am a real estate agent with Sun Real Estate.  And I am here in front of one of my new listings and we’re going to show you what staging does for a home.

And over here – actually, right next to me – is a gentleman who works on log homes and is filling in some of the cracks and getting it ready for the sale to make sure it is in good condition for any potential buyers. 

So, come on in and see what staging does for a home.

#1 – Home Staging Tip: Embellish the Features of the Home with Furnishings, so to Create Still-Life-Like Images

As we walk in the front door, you can see how some of the wonderful features of this log home. 

And I am just going to pan around for a moment and let you take it all in. Pronghorn is the best place for real estate after all.


As you’ll see, we’ve got a lot of wonderful features in this home, but what you also see is that we have taken some of the owners pieces of furniture, the black couch and we’ve added a couple of cushions. 

In this case, we chose to use gold color because the gold ties in to the beautiful pine. 

We’ve added a chair and a little sitting area over there.  We’ve added a kind of white-ish, cream colored carpeting with a little bit of a primitive pattern in it, so the color is nice and bright and brings light to a darker interior, which has often happened in log homes. 

We’ve just put a few things out, create a little vignettes here and there and what that does is it makes the home so that anywhere that you look in the home is kind of like a still-life. 

You can kind of take a photo in any direction and it would be its own little picture and what that does is that creates these little mental images of the home, that you remember.

#2 – Home Staging Tip: Maximize Lighting by Turning On all Lights and Opening Windows

Also, one of the things you are going to notice when we are staging a home is that we have all of the lights on.

So, often your realtor will tell you that when you get a phone call that they will be showing your house, turn all of the lights on, open all of the blinds, curtains and all of that kind of stuff and…what that does is that enhances the feeling of it being light and bright. 

Again, we’ve got a still-life from the 2nd story, created by bits of furniture, little bit of greenery, and we’ve put a table cloth on this table here because, otherwise. it would be all wood on wood tones.

And by adding just a little bit of color and lightness to it, it brings this corner of the house to life.

#3 – Home Staging Tip: Create a “Lived-In” Experience with Whatever Furnishings You have On-hand

Another thing that I like to do in homes is to go into the master bedroom and add a bed.

Sometimes, I have to use an air mattress, sometimes there is already a bed here that I can use, a picture on the wall, some colored throw pillows; truly enhances the feel of the home.

When you walk in, it isn’t just a vacant house, you get a sense of what you can do with the home. In the bathrooms, it’s the same.

I like to add just a bit of color so that they just pop when you walk in and they grab your attention. They’re not nondescript, and it just really brings the room to life.

#4 – Home Staging Tip: Lead Clients to Imagine Their Life in the Home You’re Showing Off

So, here we tell a story by the way that we stage.

So, as you can see, this is quite a large loft. It has a couple places for storage and it has a little closet over here, some light, so this would make a wonderful guest area.

But can’t you imagine curling up on this bed or a couch up here with your grandchildren, reading them stories at night and just tucking little memories in their thinking —

that they can refer back to when they get to be older and say remember when we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and we sat up in the loft.

We got to sleep up there and tell fun ghost stories and all kinds of great things, and this is the place where those memories are made.

And we tell the story of that by the way that we stage it.